Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bust Study

(2011-Jan-25) 40th Daily Doodle: Bust Study (1.5 hours) another life sketch. What do you think?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Face Study 1

(2011-Jan-24) 39th Daily Doodle: Face Study (1.5 hours) Felt like I haven't done figure drawing or face studies for a while, so I did this. :P

Monday, January 17, 2011

Big Feet - Published Work 3

Here is yet another sample of the illustrations I made for Big Feet the Story. Click the link below the image to get more info. http://www.booksbyrubel.com/index.html

Big Feet - Published Work 2

Here is another sample of the illustrations I made for Big Feet the Story. Click the link below the image to get more info. http://www.booksbyrubel.com/index.html

Big Feet - Published Work

Here is a sample of the illustrations I made for Big Feet the Story. Click the link below the image to get more info. http://www.booksbyrubel.com/index.html

Friday, January 14, 2011


Color Theory Tip: 'Brown' is not a color. To get a 'brown' you simply take any Primary or Secondary color and mix in it's complimentary color (like mixing Orange and Blue) which will desaturate it, making it look grayer...then add white or black as needed for value...thus, 'Brown' can be made of ANY colors. When you think of brown, what things come to mind? Dirt, Bears, hair, fur, etc...all of those come in a version of 'brown' but none are necessarily the same color. Dirt, literally comes in all colors, depending on the contents of the dirt, yet we always think of it as 'brown'.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


(2011-Jan-04) 38th Daily Doodle: Synnefopods (Cloud-Foot-s)

Raptor Dragon

(2011-Jan-04) 37th Daily Doodle: Raptor Dragon

Rainbow Dragon

(2010-Dec-27) 36th Daily Doodle: Rainbow Dragon (2 hrs) (I took inspiration for this image from a painting by LDAustin on http://ldaustinart.blogspot.com/ )

Fire Mage

(2010-Dec-09) 35th Daily Doodle: Fire Mage (1.5 hrs)

Lightning Mage

(2010-Dec-08) 34th Daily Doodle: Lightning Mage (2 hrs)

Alien Mage

(2010-Dec-07) 33rd Daily Doodle:Alien Battlemage (1 hr)


32nd Daily Doodle: Deer-thingy (1 hr)


31st Daily Doodle (November 29 to December 6 of 2010), change your profile pic to a cartoon character from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. The object of the game--to not see one single human face on FB to raise awareness of the fight against child abuse. For mine, I made a Doodle of my fav, Niddler from The Pirates of Dark Water.


(2010-Dec-02) 30th Daily Doodle: Uniram (1 hr)

Abomination 3

(2010-Dec-01) 29th Daily Doodle: Abomination Done
-I'm, over working on it, so it's done, lol- (2 hrs)

Abomination 2

(2010-Nov-30) 28th Daily Doodle: Abomination 2
-Work In Progress (WIP)- (2 hrs)

Abomination 1

(2010-Nov-29) 27th Daily Doodle: Abomination -Work In Progress (WIP)-
(2 hrs)


(2010-Nov-25) 26th Daily Doodle: Turkzilla!!! (2 hrs)

Not Feeling it

(2010-Nov-24) 25th Daily Doodle: 'Not Feeling It' (0.5 hrs [2 hrs of doodling, and deleting layers...not feeling it...30 minutes on this specific result]) :P


(2010-Nov-23) 24th Daily Doodle: Lurker (1 hr)

Alien Portrait

23rd Daily Doodle: Alien Portrait (1 hr)


(2010-Nov-19) 22nd Daily Doodle: Pegasus (1.5 hrs)

Hairless Rat-Dog

(2010-Nov-18) 21st Daily Doodle: Hairless Rat-Dog (1.5 hrs) I like this one. >{:-B

Matus Valent 03

(2010-Nov-17) 20th Daily Doodle: Matus Valent Fan Club (added a color layer and a film grain layer).

To paint this I use, what I call, my Artist's Byakugan (painting reality or what I see...as opposed to my Artist's Sharingan; copying an artistic style...these are Naruto references, if you're not a fan and don't know to what I am referring.) To sum up the ideas, the Artist's Byakugan can see reality clearly... it can be described as intensely observing the subject and simply rendering what you see while giving up what you 'think' is there (meaning, avoiding drawing what you 'think' a nose  or eye, etc, looks like, as that will lead you toward drawing iconic images, and just draw what the nose or eye, etc, actually looks like in front of you). In contrast, the Artist's Sharingan can see patterns and techniques, allowing the artist to mimic other styles... both are very optically intensive and demand a lot of mental energy. @_@

Matus Valent 02

(2010-Nov-17) 19th Daily Doodle: Matus Valent Fan Club (additional 2.5 hrs) added detail, refined shadows...fixed the face issues...etc...

Matus Valent 01

(2010-Nov-16) 18th Daily Doodle: Matus Valent's Muscles & veins
(2.5 hrs) (got a little OCD about this one...this was the Work In Progress after 2.5 hours)

Naked Hunter

(2010-Nov-10) 17th Daily Doodle: Naked Hunter (1.5


(2010-Nov-10) 16th Daily Doodle: Fragon
(1.5 hr)


(2010-Nov-09) 15th Daily Doodle: Drool
(1 hr)

Mystic Wedgie

(2010-Nov-08) 14th Daily Doodle:Mystic Wedgie (1 hr)


(2010-Nov-05) 13th Daily Doodle: Creeper (2 hrs)


(2010-Nov-04) 12th (Late night) Daily Doodle: Sorceress (3
hrs, due to many, MANY interuptions...sigh, I suppose these daily doodles are best done in the morning when it is quieter in the house)


(2010-Nov-03) 11th Daily Doodle: Lips (1.5 hrs) (used Corel Painter X for this one...I love the brushes they have, but hate how their hotkeys are just slightly different...makes my Radial Menus useless.)

Why Gnomes Have Pointy Hats

(2010-Nov-02) 10th Daily Doodle: Why Gnomes have pointy hats
(2 hrs, due to interruptions from Time-Warner and Voting). I have had this idea in my head for a long while...trying to imaging an unusual reason why Gnomes are typically shown wearing pointed hats. A number of reasons I went with this concept: the 'tail' in the hat allows the hat to be more animated and expressive; the hip being so high up allows for longer legs, making them faster and able to jump higher than one would expect from such a diminutive being; and a fun idea is that when they 'sit' it looks more like they are lying down, which could allow them to surprise enemies by faking unconsciousness, 'lying down' and, with the help of the tail in their hat, spring to life to attack. :-B

Scott Herman

(2010-Nov-01) 9th Daily Doodle: Scott Herman (2
hrs) with Reference Photo, for comparison. For those of you who may not not, Scott Herman (of http://www.scotthermanfitness.com/ ) is a GORGEOUS physical trainer I found on youtube, and I did not do him justice in the 2 hours to which I limited myself. :P


(2010-Oct-29) 8th Daily Doodle: Blond Guy
(2 hrs) (I think it is time for me to do more face studies...I was having the toughest time getting the face right, and I still don't like it, lol) (btw, this is from my head, not from a picture or model) I'm not particularly proud of this doodle, but one must not fear failure if one is to succeed, right? :P

Mermaid Gator

7th Daily Doodle: Mermaid (1.5 hrs)

Alien Dog 2

(2010-Oct-27) 6th Daily Doodle: Another Dog thing (1.5 hrs) (I wasn't feelin' it that day...doing this helped a bit, but I discarded many layers to get to this)

Cheshire Cat

(2010-Oct-26) 5th Daily Doodle: Cheshire Cat
(1.5 hrs)


(October 13, 2010) ok, here is the Doodle I made with my 2 year old nephew, Logan.
In my own defense, I was working on an unfamiliar laptop and the connection was not working well so all kinds of weird visual things were going wrong with my Cintiq. In all, I think I spent like 20 minutes on this...then Logan started demanding we play games on my iPhone 4. LOL

Basic Dragon

(2010-Oct-08) 3rd Daily Doodle: Dragon (1.5 hrs)

Wuv Bird

(2010-Oct-07) 2nd Daily Doodle: Wuv Bird! (1.5 hrs)

1st Blog post!

Alrighty, I figure, till I get the hang of blogging I'll just post the 'Daily Doodles' I have been doing, just so I have some content posted and you have something to look at.  ^_^

(2010-Oct-06) Bobby Chiu Inspired alien-dog painting. (spent 2 hrs on this, trying to get faster)